Reporting COVID-19 Concerns & Confirmed Cases

UC Davis reviews and verifies COVID-19 confirmed cases, and we’re responding to concerns from the campus community regarding COVID-19.

All employees and students use the reporting process when:

  • You, or someone with whom you share a residence, receives a confirmed positive COVID-19 test result or a COVID-positive diagnosis from a physician - MANDATORY
  • You have concerns about a member of the campus community having COVID-19, whether on or off campus

Contact Reporting Points

    Davis Campus UC Davis Health
    • Email
    • Include in your email:
      • Contact phone number
      • Affiliation (student, employee, both)
      • County of residence
      • Last date/time on campus (if you live on campus, identify residence hall)
      • Identify buildings from when last on campus
      • Date of COVID positive test result
      • Type of COVID test (if known)
      • Date symptoms started
      • Date of exposure to other COVID positive individual (if applicable)
      • Your supervisor's name (if employee or student employee)
      • Your Principal Investigator's name (if applicable)

    Employees must report a COVID-19 positive test by email to

    Refer to COVID-19: Information and Resources for Employees for more information

    More About COVID-19 Reporting Process

    • The primary concern is the overall safety of the campus.
    • Engages a team to review the medical circumstances surrounding potential issues, including UC Davis Student Health and Counseling Services, Occupational Health Services and Risk Management.
    • Involves medical and administrative staff to provide medical guidance to the affected individual and ascertain risk to the campus, while continuing to balance the need for privacy.
    • Evaluates proximity issues for individuals having close or even tertiary contact with known positive cases. In most of these circumstances with asymptomatic individuals, the risk to campus is very low. Most times, no further action is necessary aside from providing the guidance on monitoring for new symptoms.