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A waiver is a reliable and valid legal tool that can be used to protect the University from a lawsuit. Please use these waivers in the same format as they appear. Case law in California has defined how waivers and releases of liability should be printed, including their layout, bold-faced type, and font size. Change the waiver only to insert appropriate information into the blanks to reflect the activity. Keep the waivers in an organized and safe location (electronic conversion is acceptable in lieu of the original hard copy.)

General Waiver

The General Waiver should be used when a student or other individual participates in an elective/voluntary activity such as a field trip, recruitment program, recreation program, or off-campus research activity. This waiver should not be used for activities that are within course and scope of employment. If the participant is a minor (under the age of eighteen), the minor's parent must sign and date the waiver.