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Waivers or releases of liability are designed to protect the University and its employees from legal liability for injuries that may occur to students or other individuals who participate in voluntary activities on and off campus. Waivers signed prior to participation are viewed by the law as contracts or agreements in which the participant agrees to excuse the University and its employees from fault or liability for personal injuries associated with the activity.

Waivers are generally not used when an activity is required either from a student’s course of studies (including electives), an employee’s duties, medical treatment, or in child care.


General Waiver

For voluntary activities including but not limited to summer camps, field trips to campus, outreach, recruitment, off campus trips or activities. Voluntary means that participation in a UC Davis-sponsored and supervised activity is at one’s own discretion and is not required by class course or employment.

The Group Waiver Form can be used to obtain multiple signatures for a group activity and should be used in conjunction with the General Waiver Form.

Facilities Waiver

For use when an individual or organization would like to use a campus facility, such as a room recreational location, or other area of campus.

Student Organization Waiver

For activities and events organized by Registered Campus Organizations. To access this waiver form visit Please consult with Center for Student Involvement prior to use.

How to Use Waivers

Waivers should be retained by the sponsoring department for two (2) years after the end of the activity or two (2) years after the 18th birthday of a minor participant - whichever is longer. Waivers can be scanned and stored electronically.

If the participant is a minor, the parent or guardian must sign the form.

With the exception of the fillable fields, waivers cannot be modified without the specific approval of Risk Management Services.

When an incident occurs, the department must complete and internal incident report include a copy of the applicable liability waiver and send the information to