Be Smart About Safety

Funding to increase safety awareness and reduce or prevent injury/illness.

The goal of the Be Smart About Safety (BSAS) Program is to increase safety awareness and reduce or prevent injury or illness by providing a funding mechanism for loss prevention and control programs, equipment, and training efforts.

How to Apply for BSAS Funds:

The BSAS Committee reviews and recommends proposals for approval by UC Davis, and then submits the approved recommendations to UCOP for final authorization. 

Proposals should be submitted to Risk Management and Include:

  • Describe proposal to be funded by BSAS.
    • What is the liability to be addressed?
    • How will this request reduce or mitigate losses?
    • How is this issue currently being addressed?
  • Attach any additional information that supports the request (e.g., pictures, copies of injury reports, articles, catalog listings, drawings).
  • Funding requested
    • What is the total cost of the proposal?
    • Does this require a one-time expense or ongoing funding?
    • When are the funds expected to be used?
There is no limit on the number of requests or ideas, and Risk Management welcomes all submissions.

Timeline for Fiscal Year 2023/24

  • August - October 2023 New proposals will be accepted
  • November - December 2023 BSAS Committee reviews proposals
  • January 2024 UCOP authorizes proposals
Disbursement of awards is controlled by UCOP and will occur as early as January 2024.

About BSAS

Each year, UCOP's Risk Services Office budgets a small amount to fund proactive loss prevention and loss control projects. This funding is intended to support projects that reduce the frequency and severity of potential losses in our Workers' Compensation, General Liability, Employment, Automobile, and Property programs. It is not meant to support operations, ongoing maintenance, or regulatory requirements.

The BSAS process flow:

Flowchart graphic.