Revised on
10/04/16 09:23am

Occupational Health Surveillance System (OHSS)

This tool captures workplace risk data and health information and routes it to a medical professional for evaluation. OHSS replaces the Animal Care and Use Occupational Health program form. Log-in information and FAQ's can be found here.

OHSS process

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Steps to Complete the OHSS Form

Here are the steps in the Occupational Health Surveillance process:

  1. The supervisor creates a Risk Assessment (RA) for the participant
  2. The participant reviews the RA and accepts or rejects if changes are needed
  3. After accepting the RA, participant fills out the confidential Health Questionnaire (HQ) and submits for review by health professional. Make sure to have your vaccination history available as vaccine dates are requested on the HQ.
  4. A Health Professional reviews the participants RA and HQ and send them a Medical Assessment (MA) for review
  5. Individual logs into OHSS and reviews/acknowledges the Medical Assessment. If there are questions from the health professional on either the HQ or RA a response from the participant will be needed to complete the process.
  6. The IACUC system receives a nightly feed from the OHSS and requires that steps 1-5 are complete before you can be added to an animal care protocol. The review process will take a couple of days and in some cases, consultation with a medical professional or medical services (i.e. TB testing, respirator clearance) may be required prior to getting clearance to enter certain facilities.

Email notifications are sent from the application after each step. If you don’t receive the email you may need to check your junk mail and add the application website to the safe senders list.

Risk Assessment

The Risk Assessment form is filled by the participant’s supervisor and is verified by the participant. The form contains a series of questions about the participant and provides Medical Professionals with information on risks within Participant’s work environment, such as:

  • Exposures
  • Animal Contact
  • Biological Agents
  • Chemical Agents
  • Physical Agents
  • Blood Borne Pathogens
  • Exposure Control
  • Animal Exposures
  • General SafetyTraining

Once the Risk Assessment is submitted the participant receives a notification to review and agree or disagree with their Risk Assessment.

Health Questionnaire

The Health Questionnaire is filled out by the participant and routed to a Medical Professional*. Participants should be prepared with vaccine information in order to streamline the process. The Health Questionnaire provides Medical Professionals with Participant’s medical history, including:

  • Vaccines
  • Tuberculosis
  • General History
  • Exposures
  • Biological Hazards
  • Allergies
  • Prescription Medications
  • Health Status Changes

*Your medical information is protected by law. Supervisors are not granted access to your Health Questionnaire or medical assessment.

Medical Assessment

The Medical Assessment is filled out by a Medical Professional and reviewed by the Participant. The Medical Assessment provides the Participant with evaluation information including:

  • If cleared for work
  • Needed follow-up
  • Additional Requirements:
    • Tuberculosis Screening
    • Hepatitis B Vaccine
    • Needed Immunizations or Tests
    • Consultation
    • Other