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04/02/19 02:52pm

Legal Notices

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Legal notices are a vital principle of the courts, providing fairness and due process by giving all parties affected by the lawsuit or legal proceeding notice of the legal procedure. The university’s attorneys, liability insurance carriers, and administrators must receive legal notices in a timely fashion to protect the university and its employees.

Departments and individuals who receive a notice about a court proceeding (a summons or a subpoena) involving university business are responsible for appropriately directing the legal notice immediately upon receipt.

Small Claims Naming the University of California Regents

If the University is the defendant, the Small Claims summons should be delivered to Risk Management Services. If you are served with a Small Claims summons, notify Risk Management at and re-direct the summons server to Risk Management Services main office located at 276 Hoagland Hall.

Summons & Complaints Naming the University of California Regents

Summons & Complaints must be served to Office of the General Counsel, 1111 Franklin St., 8th Floor, Oakland, CA 94706. Process servers may be informed that the Office of the General Counsel will accept service by mail. If the process server insists on leaving the papers or leaves a copy of the documents, the individual or department must:

  • email the papers to Risk Management Services immediately (; and

  • send the originals to Risk Management Services by campus mail.

Personal or mail Service of Subpoenas Involving University Business

A subpoena received by mail service or personal service should be accepted, then the individual or department should immediately contact Campus Counsel for assistance.

  1. If the server has brought it to some place other than the department named on the subpoena, he/she should be directed to the correct department or to the Office of Campus Counsel.

  2. If the process server insists on leaving the subpoena, the subpoena should be accepted and forwarded to the Office of Campus Counsel.

All Other Legal Notices

Please call Campus Counsel’s Office at (530) 754-6295 for assistance.