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Be Smart About Safety (BSAS)

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The goal of the BSAS program is to increase safety awareness and reduce or prevent injury/illness by providing a funding mechanism for loss prevention/control programs, equipment and training efforts.
Each year, University of California Office of the President, Risk Services budgets a small amount of its total budget allocation to fund proactive Loss Prevention and Loss Control projects. This funding is intended for projects specific to the purpose of reducing the frequency and/or severity of potential loss in the areas of our workers' compensation, general liability, employment, auto and property programs. This funding is not intended to supplement operational, ongoing maintenance, or regulatory requirements.

The BSAS process flow:

BSAS Process Flow


How to Apply for BSAS Funds:

There is a BSAS committee that recommends proposals for approval by UC Davis, and then submits the approved recommendations to UCOP for final authorization. Requests should be emailed to Risk Management for consideration. There is no limit on how many requests or ideas can be sent, and Risk Management welcomes all submissions. For fiscal year 2020/2021 proposals can be submitted between December1st, 2019 through March 31st, 2020. If the proposal is approved, we expect to receive the funding in September, 2020.

In the email to Risk Management, detail the following:

  • Describe proposal to be funded by BSAS.
    • What is the liability to be addressed?
    • How will this request reduce or mitigate losses?
    • How is this issue currently being addressed?
  • Attach any additional information that supports the request including pictures, copies of injury reports, articles, catalog listings or drawings, etc.
  • Funding requested
    • What is the total cost of the proposal?
    • Estimated date funds will be used by?
    • Does this require a one-time expense or on-going funding?