Mission Continuity & UC Ready

Mission continuity is the university’s ability to ensure its operations and essential functions are prepared for disasters by minimizing the impact of disruptions to services.

This includes planning for communication, relocation, changing operational status, information system outages and other impacts to the mission of the university. Mission continuity plans help ensure critical business processes continue or are minimally disrupted during disasters.

UC Ready – the mission continuity planning software tool:

Click to create a UC Ready account to view and update UC Davis mission continuity plans.

UC Ready was created to help departments prepare for rapid resumption of the University's mission following any unexpected disruption (e.g. earthquake). The core activities of teaching, research, and public service are performed at the department level; therefore preparations to continue these activities after a disaster should begin at that level.

The UCReady tool will guide you, step-by-step, to create a continuity plan that:

  • Identifies Priorities: What parts of the operations must come first? This is our business impact analysis (BIA) and is created via the Essential Function and Application questions of UC Ready. 
  • Outlines Recovery Strategies: Based on the priorities and risks that we have identified, we then identify strategies for continuing our operations (e.g. working remotely, reciprocal agreements, etc.). Strategies your department may have identified previously have been transitioned over to the upgraded version of UC Ready.