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The Principal Investigator's Laser Safety Training Responsibilities

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Principal Investigators who use lasers or laser systems at UC Davis are responsible for assuring that appropriate training is provided and documented for all individuals who operate or will be in the controlled area during the operation of the laser or laser system.

For any class 2 or above laser or laser system, the Principal Investigator is responsible for the direct supervision, training, and documentation of the safety training for all new or inexperienced laser users, including faculty, staff, students, maintenance, and service personnel. The level of supervision and training should be commensurate with the degree of potential laser hazards. The following topics should be discussed:

  • Fundamentals of laser operation (e.g., physical principles, construction, standard operating procedures, laboratory rules, etc.)
  • Biological effects of laser radiation on the eye and skin
  • Hazards presented by specular and diffuse reflections
  • Other associated hazards of lasers (e.g., electrical, chemical, noise, etc.)
  • Laser and laser system classifications
  • Control measures
  • Overall management and employee responsibilities
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) if employees are working with or around high voltage systems

Documentation of the above topics should be acknowledged by the Principal Investigator and employee. These records should be maintained in the laboratory's Injury/Illness Prevention Program (IIPP). The Principal Investigator must also train experienced laser operators using a laser or laser system at UC Davis for the first time. This training must include all of the above topics as well as laser-specific procedures and control measures, laboratory rules, overall management and employee responsibilities, and UC Davis medical surveillance practices. This training must also be documented by the Principal Investigator and maintained as part of the laboratory's IIPP. The ANSI Z136.1 4.4.3 standard requires laser training for all operators and repair staff for class 3B (>5mW) and 4 (>500 mW) laser systems.

EH&S provides Laser Safety Training classes. Check our website for the next available time and date. Class schedules are posted on the EH&S website in traning: