UC BioSafety Resources

Safety Services will introduce UC Biosafety on Nov. 18

Your new online system for managing Biological Use Authorizations (BUAs) at UC Davis.

What happens on Nov. 18?

On Nov. 18, researchers will transition from BIO to UC Biosafety. Your BUA will be available in UC Biosafety at ehs.ucop.edu

No need to take action, yet

Behind the scenes, Safety Services is migrating all Biological Use Authorization (BUA) data into UC Biosafety and granting all current users access to the system.

You do not need to log in to UC Biosafety until:

  1. Making an amendment to your BUA
  2. Renewing your BUA (every three years; approval and renewal dates will be the same as in the previous BUA system)
When you log in for the first time

Whether you log in to verify that the information was migrated correctly, log in to make an amendment, or renew your BUA, the first person to access the BUA will be prompted to answer supplemental questions. These questions solicit new details required by the UC Davis Institutional Biosafety Committee (e.g., centrifuge safety protocols) that Safety Services staff couldn’t answer or interpret when migrating your BUA details in to UC Biosafety.

If you make changes to your BUA between now and Nov. 18

Safety Services staff are actively migrating BUA data into the new UC Biosafety system. If you make changes to your existing BUA before Nov. 18, we ask that you please send a quick note to biosafety@ucdavis.edu so we can make sure to capture the change(s) in the new system. 


Comments, questions and requests for assistance are always welcomed at biosafety@ucdavis.edu or (530) 752-1493. 


Step-by-step Guides
Tip: start with these general UC Biosafety functionality tips (.pdf)

Recorded Webinar
This webinar explains the transition to UC Biosafety, the PI/researcher role and responsibilities in UC Biosafety, and some functionality within the UC Biosafety application. 

Learning Labs
Get personalized help learning the UC Biosafety system. Bring a laptop to log in to your UC Biosafety account and BUA information.

  • Wednesday, Nov. 20
    1 - 2 p.m.
    Hoagland Hall, 130
  • Tuesday, Nov. 26
    10 - 11 a.m.
    Hoagland Hall, 130