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Selecting Chemical Disinfectants

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The proper selection and use of disinfectants is essential for safety and quality control. Disinfectants have various characteristics that must be considered before one is selected for a particular use. The disinfectant table on the back lists the disinfectants most commonly used in laboratories, some commercially available products, general use parameters, important characteristics, potential applications, and general types of organisms they are effective against. This list should be used as a general guide for selection in meeting your particular requirements. Additional references should be obtained and, if necessary, actual testing should be done to determine the most effective disinfectant and use parameters. The application of the indicated concentrations and contact times of the disinfectants have not been assumed to result in a sterile state.
Note: The US/EPA and Cal/EPA have defined disinfectants (antimicrobials) as pesticides. All EPA registered antimicrobials must be used according to California worker safety regulations. This includes commonly used disinfectants such as Clorox bleach or Roccal. For additional information regarding California worker safety regulations, contact EH&S.

Disinfectant Table