Revised on
08/01/17 11:43am
SafetyNet #

Reporting a Missing/Damaged/Discharged Fire Extinguisher

To report a missing, damaged, or discharged fire extinguisher, fill out the Missing, Damaged or Discharged Fire Extinguisher Form, and then call UC Davis Fire Prevention at (530) 752-1493 or (530) 752-4268 and provide the following information:

For a missing fire extinguisher:

  • Provide the building name and room number closest to where the fire extinguisher should be located.

For a damaged or displaced fire extinguisher:

  • Provide the building name or location the fire extinguisher was found.
  • Provide the 6 digit number located on the front of the extinguisher in black lettering or located on the red tag marked “Property of the UC Davis Fire Department.”

For a discharged fire extinguisher:

  • Call Emergency Dispatch at 9-1-1 to report the incident immediately, or as soon as you determine the extinguisher was discharged. Fill out the form and provide it to the Fire Department personnel when they arrive to inspect the area.

NEVER put an extinguisher back in its place after extinguishing a fire. If an extinguisher is discharged, even for a few seconds, or if it is damaged in any way, report the extinguisher and its location to the UC Davis Fire Prevention Services.