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Guidelines for Arc and Flash Lamp Safety

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Arc and Flash Lamps can be very hazardous if not handled and used properly. Hazards include overexposure to UV light and bursting of the lamps causing severe injury. The following safety guidelines are provided when installing, using, or transporting arc or flash lamps:

Installation and Usage:

  • Install the lamp according to the instructions provided in the operators’ manual.
  • The lamp should be operated inside a closed protective housing.
  • If using the lamps outside of protective housings is necessary, always wear eye/face and body protection.
  • Never touch the lamp when it is on, or soon after it has been turned off, as it will be hot and will cause serious burns. Lamps should be allowed to cool for at least ten minutes after they have been turned off.
  • Do not look directly at the operating lamp for any length of time; this may cause a serious or permanent eye injury.
  • Some lamps produce ozone that is considered toxic at high concentration levels, so the equipment should be operated in a well ventilated room.
  • The lamp should only be operated at its rated current or voltage or it could burst.
  • Extra cooling should not be supplied to the lamp; uneven cooling will result in damage to the lamp.
  • Lamps should not be used beyond their recommended service life. This could cause the lamp to burst.


  • Save the packaging materials for lamps. Use the same packaging when disposing of the lamps.
  • Always transport the lamp in the original protective packaging until installation.
  • Never bump, drop, apply excessive stress, or scratch the lamp. This could cause the lamp to burst.