Revised on
07/31/17 10:31am
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Fire Hydrant Placement Standards

A. Summary

The purpose of this guideline is to provide the basic information necessary to meet minimum requirements for the design and installation of private hydrant and/or sprinkler supply underground piping in accordance with the provisions of the 2016 California Fire Code (CFC), the 2016 California Building Code (CBC), and the 2016 editions of NFPA 24. Please call UC Davis Fire Prevention Services at (530) 752-1493 with any questions about fire hydrants.

B. Guidelines

  1. Hydrant shall be Clow Corporation Model #92, Slim Line, low silhouette, with two 2½ outlets and one 4½ outlet. All outlets must have National Standard fire hose thread. If Model 92 is unavailable, the University Fire Division may accept the Clow Model #176 on a case by case basis. This design is also available from Long Beach Iron Works, Inc. as Model #651, “The Logan”.
  2. Hydrant shall be installed with outlets facing the street, with 4½ opening neither less than 2 feet nor more than 7 feet from street curb.
  3. Center of the lowest outlet shall be not less than 18 inches above finished grade.
  4. Street valve serving the hydrant must be located at least 10 feet, but no further than 20 feet, from the hydrant.
  5. Hydrants shall be restrained in accordance with the requirements in NFPA 24 Chapter 10, 10.6.2 (3) bolted flange joints. Thrust blocks will not be used. Flat stone or concrete slab will be used.
  6. Deviations from this standard shall be approved in advance by UC Davis Fire Prevention Services.