Student Testimonial: Thuong Nguyen

In addition to providing world-class learning opportunities, UC Davis also provides, real-world jobs, for students.  Many departments on campus regularly employ students who have little to no prior working experience that are, looking to gain expertise in certain fields or help them to develop soft skills that will prepare them for working life after college. 

Recent biological science major graduate, Thuong Nguyen, is one of the many students who worked, and continue to work, at Safety Services. Thuong worked as a Student Biosafety Professional and helped support biosafety use authorizations (BUAs), generated standared operating procedures (SOPS), and provided database-related information to campus personnel. She further analyzed and interpreted data, performed pre-inspections of waste accumulation sites, and coordinated the migration of BUAs to an updated database. 

                 Student intern Thuong Nguyen.

“My interest in safety started when I was hired as a student employee for the biosafety program at EH&S. This experience introduced me to a great community of workers who played an essential role in keeping people safe on our campus. My work has broadened my perspective in this field. I was able to meet and learn from the amazing people from the department. I learned how safety played a key role in our community, taking preventative measures against health risks.”

Over the past three years working for the Safety Services team she not only gained valuable exposure to working life but also developed a passion for the work she was doing. She also attributes her experience as one of the main reasons she was able to obtain a job, as an EH&S Assistant for DuraVent, soon after graduation.

“Due to the experience I had, I was able to take the next big step in my career and was offered a full-time position working as an Industrial Safety Assistant upon graduating from college. Although in a new field, I feel confident in my abilities because of the skills that I have learned in the following areas; maintaining compliance regulations, training, and SOPs. This opportunity would not have been possible without the support from my work in biosafety and I hope to utilize all that I have learned in my future endeavors.”

Her supervisor Phillip Barruel, UC Davis Biosafety Officer, adds that Thuong was a reliable and friendly worker. He believes that hiring students is also extremely valuable to employers due to the important contributions made by students.

“I think it is a very good idea to hire student employees. It gives the students practical work experience and the hiring department benefits as well from the contributions of the student. It is good to get fresh perspectives on how we do things and they usually have good ideas that can be integrated into our workflow.”

Many departments are continuously looking for student workers and Safety Services is no different. These jobs are vital opportunities to boost resumes for students and a way to hire extra hands for employers. They will soon be hiring a replacement student employee, benefiting both them and the student who chooses to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity!

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