Clery Act: Fire Safety Report

Clery Act / Fire Safety Report

In compliance with the 1998 Jeanne Clery Act and the Higher Education Opportunity Act, we have provided annual Security and Fire Safety Reports, as well as a log of all fires which have occurred in housing units on campus.

2019 Annual Security and Fire Safety Report 

List of Student Housing Fires

This is an historical list of fires that have occurred at on-campus student housing facilities.

 2/12/15 15:00 Segundo Ryerson Arson- Door Fire
2/18/15 18:18 2200 Solano Park Cooking Fire
5/6/15  14:00  Malcolm Hall, 2nd Floor Cooking Fire
2/6/16 15:11 Atrium Bldg 300 Cooking Fire
6/8/16 15:08 West Village Solstice Landscape Fire
9/30/16 01:38 West Village Solstice Cooking Fire
8/25/17 08:00 8th and Wake Cooking Fire
10/23/17 23:42 Regan Hall Electrical Fire
5/22/18 16:42 West Village Bldg A Cigarette Fire
10/14/18 11:30 Bixby Hall Cooking Fire
5/28/19 10:45 TB 15 Cooking Fire

The Higher Education Opportunity Act requires that campus fire departments report on fires at student housing facilities as well as publish a fire safety report which is to be available to the public after October 1 of every year.

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