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08/01/17 09:50am
SafetyNet #

Water Supply Apparatus Painting

A. Summary

Water supply apparatus’ at UC Davis are painted to specifications so that they are easily visible both day and night. ‘Apparatus’ is the fixed equipment on-site and/or inside a building, provided for firefighting purposes, such as hydrants, standpipes, double Outside Stem and Yoke (OS&Y) valves (also known as backflow preventers), and Fire Department Connections (FDC).

B. Standard

The double OS&Y with the attached FDC assembly should be mounted on a minimum 6-inch height concrete slab so that the FDC remains clear of adjacent vegetation, and is visible from the street. The backflow prevention device (double OS&Y) shall be painted two coats of red water-resistant paint (enamel) and can be “screened” as shown in the photo below.

The FDC is to be painted two coats of reflective (bright) white water resistant paint (i.e. Acme white Roofers Best model RB-1; Champion white reflective paint #37723; KRYLON clear reflective spray paint style #81051) to be applied over white enamel paint, and identified with an affixed [sticky-back] sign which may be ordered and received from the Campus Sign Shop. The caps shall not be painted, or must be able to swivel freely once painted.

UC Davis Fire Department must approve all wording for FDC signs (building system, system served, etc.). The UC Davis Fire Department may determine that a pictogram is necessary in order to more clearly identify the building(s) served. The pictogram shall be approved by UC Davis Fire Prevention (530-752-1493) prior to installation.

FDC and Backflow device without screening

FDC and Backflow device with screening

It is permissible to further screen the assembly with landscaping as long as the FDC is clearly visible and accessible from the street.