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07/31/17 01:19pm
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Knox Box Procedures

A. Summary

Knox Boxes are secure boxes mounted on the exterior of buildings that contain keys available for use by firefighters. All new facilities on the UC Davis campus, and properties administered by UC Davis, will have Knox Boxes installed as part of the project. Existing facilities will be retrofitted with Knox Boxes over time.

B. Basis for Requirements

The use of Knox Boxes is widely accepted as a secure means of housing building access keys. Use of Knox Boxes will also eliminate the need for firefighters to carry cumbersome key rings with many master keys.

C. Use

  1. For the UC Davis Campus, contact Fire Prevention Services at (530) 752-1493, and request a Knox Box Application.
  2. When a Knox Box request is made, the requesting party will be given a Knox Box application and directed to:
    1. Coordinate the location and number of Knox Boxes through Fire Prevention Services.
    2. Provide a small scale plan of the building so the exact Knox Box location can be shown on the plans.
    3. For new and existing buildings, it will be the responsibility of the project manager to order the keys, and have them ready for installation prior to issuance of a Fire Clearance by Fire Prevention Services (two sets per Knox Box containing building masters, fire alarm keys, elevator keys, and any other keys needed for access). If the Knox Box is not being installed as part of a project, the department purchasing the Knox Box must coordinate with the Building Management System (BMS) Lockshop to develop the correct complement of keys for the Knox Box.
  3. Schedule an appointment with Fire Prevention Services at (530)752-1493 to have the application approved. Unless otherwise directed, the UC Davis standard model is the series #3200 or #4400 Hinged Door Knox Box. Please make sure to choose the style and color that works for the intended application. For the Davis Campus, the application must be approved by the campus Fire Marshal.
  4. The approved application, including a check for the correct amount, will be mailed to the Knox Company by the Fire Department. The requesting party may also ask to recharge the project for the Knox Box. If that is the case, they must provide the appropriate billing information before the order will be placed.
  5. The Knox Company will send the Knox Box to Fire Prevention Services. The requesting party will be notified to pick up the Knox Box(s) for installation.
  6. Once the Knox Box is installed, please contact UC Davis Fire Prevention Services to coordinate installation of the Keys.