Revised on
08/01/17 09:28am
SafetyNet #

Hazardous Conditions (HOTWORK) Permit Guidelines

A. Purpose

The issuance of any Hazardous Conditions or Hot Work permit will be dependent upon, and guided by, the provisions of the State Fire Marshals Regulations and nationally recognized safe practices and campus policies. For permits related to open flame (candles, torches, fire walking/juggling, model rockets, and pyrotechnics), please use the Open Flame Permit Application.

B. Hazardous Conditions

Examples of conditions necessitating a Hazardous Conditions or Hot Work permit include, but are not limited to:

  1. Asbestos/Lead abatement work.
  2. Use of welding, brazing and cutting equipment. See: SafetyNet #530: Welding, Brazing & Cutting Guidelines.
  3. Temporary storage of hazardous materials.
  4. Use of smoke generators or fumigation in buildings.
  5. Removal of underground fuel tanks.

When a condition falls under the above listed categories a Hazardous Condition Permit Application is required. This application is available online only, and will need to be filled out completely before a Hazardous Conditions permit is issued or denied. This form shall be filled out by a person who is responsible for the condition, or a person delegated by the requesting department or company. Responsibility for requesting the permit is with the user or permittee. A Hazardous Conditions permit is only viable for the time frame specified on the permit. In the event the permit is required for a longer period of time, then the permittee will request an extension of the permit.

Hazardous Condition Permit Application requests must be submitted to the Fire Department no less than seventy-two (72) hours prior to the event. Failure to comply with this request may result in the delay or denial of the permit