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01/26/17 02:26pm
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Guidelines for Completing the Chemical Waste Label

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State and Federal regulations require all hazardous waste to be properly labeled. All hazardous waste must be properly labeled when a container begins to be filled. To create a label, use the WASTe (Waste Accumulation Storage Tracking electronically) application. A tutorial video on how to create a WASTe tag can be found here:

  • Chemical Waste Composition – Type out all chemical names. Do not abbreviate.
  • Percent by Volume – EH&S staff use this information for processing the waste as safely/inexpensively as possible. Percentages should add up to 100%.
  • Hazardous Properties – You must indicate the hazardous properties of your waste by checking the appropriate box(es). All liquid waste should be pH checked prior to disposal. EH&S cannot accept any waste that is improperly labeled. Waste technicians will leave improperly labeled waste in your laboratory with a note indicating the corrective action required before the waste can be removed.
  • Plastic Envelopes – UCD does not require hazardous waste labels to be placed in a plastic envelope. Taping the label to the waste container is sufficient, provided that the barcodes and waste information are not obstructed.