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Fire Sprinkler Submittal Requirements


This Fire Net is intended to provide a model plan review checklist to serve the needs of groups both inside and outside of UC Davis in preparing a complete initial submittal package for review and approval of fire sprinkler projects.

Much of the information contained in this Fire Net has been taken from the Fire Sprinkler System Plan Review Guide produced by the Office of the State Fire Marshal.

Basis for Requirements

The 2007 California Fire Code (CFC), Chapter 9, Section 901.2- Construction Documents – requires complete plans and specifications be submitted to the fire department for review and approval prior to system installation.

CFC Article 10 also states plans and specifications for fire sprinkler systems shall include, but not be limited to, a floor plan; full height cross section; floor plans; small plot plan showing size of city main in street and point of connection for sprinkler supply piping, and its pipe size; make, type, model, number of each, temperature, and nominal K-factor of sprinklers; pipe type and schedule of wall thickness; riser detail; type and locations of hangers, sleeves, braces and methods of securing pipe; calculation of loads for sizing and details of sway bracing; hydraulic calculations; and material data sheets.

Complete vs. Correct

While correctness will speed along the review/approval process in requiring fewer resubmission cycles, lack of completeness will prevent a review. The submittal package must be complete for a complete review/approval process to take place. 

Installation Codes and Standards (including edition)

The codes and standards applicable to fire sprinkler installation and design requirements typically include references to NFPA 13 (the National Fire Sprinkler Code), 2002 Edition ; specific sections of Title 24, 2001 Edition; Part 2, California Building Code; Part 3, California Electric Code; Part 4; California Mechanical Code; and Part 9, California Fire Code. References are also made to the current UC Davis Campus Standards & Design Guide.  Applicable code references must be identified on the plan cover sheet.

October 2007