Revised on
08/03/17 11:06am
SafetyNet #

Barbecue Guidelines

A. Summary

It is the Fire Prevention’s goal to establish guidelines such that permits for barbecue-related activities are not required, but the following guidelines must be adhered to in order for this to happen.


B. General Requirements

  1. Barbecue must be attended at all times.
  2. Charcoal Barbeques are not approved for use on the UC Davis campus.
  3. Only propane is allowed for use. All propane cylinders must be stored outside and in a locked propane storage cage.
  4. When finished cooking, allow the barbeque to cool completely before trying to move it.
  5. Fire Prevention Services requires a fire extinguisher to be present during all cooking. If necessary Fire Prevention Services can loan a fire extinguisher (530-752-1493). Never remove a fire extinguisher from a facility to use during the event.
  6. Barbecues are not permitted for use on patios or decks above the ground level.
  7. Barbecues are to be used outside, a minimum of 10 feet from the nearest building, projection, and/or overhang or combustible material (including trees).

C. Non-landscaped Areas

In non-landscaped areas (i.e. Alpha Phi Omega Picnic Grounds) the following, along with the above requirements, must also be addressed:

  1. Non-landscaped areas must be cleared of all combustibles for a minimum of 10 feet in all directions.
  2. Barbecue must be completely cooled prior to leaving the site.
  3. At least one 5-gallon bucket of water must be present during the barbecue.

Should the barbecue operation not fall into the guidelines listed above, please contact Fire Prevention Services so options can be discussed to allow safe operation of the barbecue. Please remember that campfires are not considered barbecues.