Photo of Hamid Fonooni.
Hamid Fonooni at the 2019 ABET Symposium.

Spotlight: Hamid Fonooni

The Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) highlighted campus ergonomist, Hamid Fonooni, in September.

As the Director of Ergonomics Program for Occupational Health Services at UC Davis, Fonooni works with around 400 campus Department Safety Coordinators to implement ergonomics concepts on campus. The job involves both proactive interventions and reactive treatment. The ideal situation is to prevent someone from having injuries on the job through preventative actions such as providing ergonomic equipment and universal design of work environment. If an injury occurs, employee who is hurt would be treated by Occupational Health Clinic’s physician.

Hamid Fonooni was first introduced to ergonomics as a doctoral candidate in Mechanical and Indusial Engineering at the University of Cincinnati. “I was a structural dynamics engineer, which basically seems that has nothing to do with ergonomics,” said Fonooni, who is now the only campus ergonomist at the University of California-Davis (UC Davis).

UC Davis greatly values Hamid's service to the campus, read more about Hamid on the ABET site.