Hazardous Waste Pick-up

chemical waste containers in laboratory

While the campus was in suspended operations, EH&S still had access to campus buildings and rooms and continued to provide waste disposal services.

Waste containers that could not be located for pick-up during suspended operations were left in the pick-up queue.

As personnel return to their labs, it will be important to log in to WASTe and review your inventory.

Many tags have reached their accumulation time limit and were automatically moved into “Ready for Pickup”. You should confirm whether or not these containers are still in the lab. Containers should be moved into the lab’s Satellite Accumulation Area where they can be easily located by EH&S. Tags that are no longer in service should be deleted from WASTe.

Labs that want to limit or restrict foot traffic entering their space, must provide a point of contact for their waste pick-ups. Enter this information in the comments section of the waste tag. While EH&S cannot schedule specific appointments for waste pickups, we can call ahead of our arrival to meet the lab’s point of contact.

Waste pickup services will continue as they have in the past, with buildings being serviced on their regular day.

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