Revised on
02/10/16 10:18am

Open Flame Permit Application

This permit requires 72 hours (3 business days) notice for processing.

Application will be submitted to UC Davis Fire Prevention Services for review.  Once approved, the permit will be issued and permittee will be notified by phone or email for signature.  72 hours notice is required.

Contact Information
Name of person requesting permit
Permit Information
For Campfire, enter "Campfire"
If not riservation required, enter "N/A"
If applicable
All campfires on the UC Davis campus are by PERMIT only.
Use this section to define and describe open flame devices used for decorative and ritual purposes.
E.g., Tea Light, Votive, Pillar, Tiki Torch, etc.
See UC Davis Fire Prevention FireNet "Candle and Open Flame Guidelines" for pictures of approved candle holders.
Please list number of candles per each table, and total for event.
I.e., Self, Campus Union Rentals.
Additional Information