Food/Drink Storage and Permissibility in Laboratory Spaces

Food/Drink Storage and Permissibility in Laboratory Spaces

Memorandum of Policy and SafetyNet Interpretation

This memorandum clarifies Environmental Health and Safety’s (EH&S) interpretation of Policy and SafetyNet guidance, concerning what constitutes food/drink storage in a laboratory space. This interpretation can be rescinded or revised at any time.

Consumption and storage of food/drink in a laboratory space is strictly prohibited!
However, if the following conditions are met, food/drink is temporarily permitted in a laboratory space:

  1. Concealed in a closed, personal bag
    At all times, the food/drink must remain contained and concealed in the bag, and not observable from outside the bag.
  2. Removed from lab when owner leaves the lab 
    Owners must remove their closed bag (if it’s concealing food/drink), when they leave the lab.

This interpretation offers a practical approach to safely accommodate those carrying food/drink, while also keeping hallways clear of personal bags and water bottles. EH&S’ goal is ultimately to prevent the improper storage of food/drink in laboratory spaces, and all consumption of food/drink in laboratory spaces.