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Food Protection Program

The UC Davis Food Protection Program is designed to reduce the potential for foodborne illness by evaluating and inspecting food facilities on campus for compliance with current state laws, including all retail food facilities, temporary food events, mobile food trucks, and public catered events. Inspections of year-round campus food facilities and mobile food trucks are performed routinely. Inspections of temporary food events, such as Picnic Day, catered events, or any other food events on campus are inspected on an as needed basis. Investigations into complaints regarding food safety, food sanitation violations, or suspected cases of foodborne illness are conducted, when needed. Upon request, the campus Registered Environmental Health Specialist (REHS) provides food safety training and information. Food facilities at UC Davis are required to keep a copy of their most recent inspection report and make it available for review, upon request.

Partially hydrogenated oils

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) has notified all local Environmental Health Services (EHS) agencies who enforce the provisions of the California Retail Food Code (CRFC), regarding the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) order pertaining to foods containing partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) which takes effect June 18, 2018.