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Emergency Notification Systems

Contact information

The UC Davis Emergency Notification System disseminates timely information to the campus community in the event of a crisis affecting the University.


Providing faculty, staff, students and other subscribers with timely information and instructions during emergencies or other urgent situations that may directly affect their well-being. 

WarnMe will only be used to send information in the event of a campus emergency that poses an immediate threat to life and safety.

The system augments other methods of distributing information used by the University, including:

  • Alert postings on the University homepage.
  • Mass voicemail and text messages.
  • Bulk email.
  • Guardian Mobile Application.

Aggie Alert

Aggie Alert provides notice about fast-moving events on and around campus that may disrupt normal campus activities.

Web site

The campus homepage and related pages are managed by University Communications, which includes the News Service.  In an emergency, the homepage can carry an appropriate, brief message on the status of the campus and any action that should be taken. The page can be reconfigured as appropriate to give more prominence to a particular story.  University Communications posts news updates to the homepage, usually by linking to news releases posted on the news and information page.  A major emergency can drive a significant traffic spike to campus websites. If necessary, University Communications will temporarily switch the campus homepage to a stripped-down, faster-loading version. The Davis campus and the UC Davis Health System have arrangements to mirror each other's major webpages should the usual servers be incapacitated. 

Telephone emergency status line: 530-752-4000

University Communications is responsible for updating the Emergency Status Line. A brief recorded message describes the current status of the campus. It will provide callers with clear direction on what they should do, and directs them to the campus homepage for more information. The message has the date and time of the message, and can be updated frequently.

Social media

The official UC Davis Facebook page is jointly managed by University Communications and Student Affairs. University Communications may post bulletins to the campus Facebook page, reflecting information posted on the UC Davis homepage, and news and information page.  

 University Communications has established an official Twitter account for campus news. In an emergency, this would be used to carry links to status updates and posted news items. Other campus Twitter users are encouraged to re-tweet these posts, and encourage Twitter users seeking information to follow @ucdavisnews. For more information, please visit Twitter

Bulk e-mail

Sending an email to a significant portion of the campus community can be a slow process, and is not appropriate or recommended for urgent messages affecting public safety -- WarnMe is the vehicle of choice; however, bulk email may be a useful tool for communicating with the campus community during the recovery stages of an emergency to inform and reassure the community.

Crisis Manager

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