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12/02/16 07:59am

Travel Program

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The UC Davis Travel Program provides pre- and post-trip services for work related international travel at no cost.

Services include:
•    Personalized travel report through Travax® with up to date information on immunization recommendations, medical and country specific concerns and important emergency contact information.
•    Travel consultation with an Occupational Medical Physician to determine pre- and post-trip health and medical plan.
•    On site administration of all necessary immunizations.
•    Prescriptions for malarial drugs and other necessary medications are filled on campus, in coordination with Student Health and Counseling Services.
•    Travelers are encouraged to sign up for iJet® Travel Intelligence® so that emergency response services can be deployed to the traveler throughout the world at a moment’s notice. This service also provides up to date email communication regarding both health and security issues at the travel destination(s).

To schedule a travel exam please call Occupational Health and provide a Request and Authorization form and Travel Questionnaire via fax to (530) 752-5277 or email our front office.

For your examination, please bring any immunization records you may have.

Please note:  If you do not show up for your scheduled appointment, your department will be charged a $50 missed appointment fee.