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09/28/17 02:30pm

Fall Protection Program and Plan

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Any department or group exposing employees to potential falls from elevated heights is required to comply with the UC DavisĀ PPM 290-88, the UC Davis Fall Protection Program, and complete a Department Fall Protection Plan. Fall protection systems must be installed, and employees provided fall protection equipment complying with ANSI standards.

There are 8 steps for departments to complete:

  1. Assign roles and responsibilities
  2. Analyze the workplace for fall hazards
  3. Manage and monitor the plan and program
  4. Ensure safety and compliance
  5. Purchase only ANSI certified fall protection equipment (FPE)
  6. Install only ANSI and PE-stamped/approved fall protection systems (i.e. anchors, lifelines, etc.)
  7. Establish safe work practices
  8. Train employees as Authorized Users and Competent Persons for fall protection, train on donning and wearing FPE, how to safely use aerial lifts, and ladder safety