Revised on
05/09/17 09:41am

Clery Act / Fire Safety Report

In compliance with the 1998 Jeanne Clery Act and the Higher Education Opportunity Act, we have provided annual Security and Fire Safety Reports, as well as a log of all fires which have occurred in housing units on campus.

2016 Annual Security and Fire Safety Report (pdf)


This list represents fires that have occurred at on-campus student housing facilities.
1/07/14 13:14 Regan Sereno, 2nd Floor Trash can Fire
10/08/14 20:05 4000 Solano Park Cooking Fire
10/09/14 18:40 Domes #9 Cooking Fire
12/05/14 08:47 Bixby Hall Cooking Fire
 2/12/15 15:00 Segundo Ryerson Arson- Door Fire
2/18/15 18:18 2200 Solano Park Cooking Fire
5/6/15  14:00  Malcolm Hall, 2nd Floor Cooking Fire
2/6/16 15:11 Atrium Bldg 300 Cooking Fire
6/8/16 15:08 West Village Solstice Landscape Fire
9/30/16 01:38 West Village Solstice Cooking Fire

The Higher Education Opportunity Act requires that campus fire departments report on fires at student housing facilities as well as publish a fire safety report which is to be available to the public after October 1 of every year.

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