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01/26/17 02:11pm
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Fire Extinguisher Inspection Procedures

 California Code of Regulation Title 19 requires that an inspection of all facility fire extinguishers be performed monthly. This inspection should be conducted by the safety coordinators in each facility and recorded on a tag attached to the fire extinguisher. The record may also be kept on file or in electronic form that provides a permanent record. 


Inspect all fire extinguishers for the following:

  1. The plastic seal which holds the safety pull pin in place is missing. This is an indication of possible tampering and requires a fire extinguisher replacement.
  2. Is the extinguisher easily accessible?
  3. The yellow needle within the pressure gauge is not inside the green perimeters.  
  4. The pressure gauge is damaged cracked or missing.
  5. The hose or horn is damaged or missing.
  6. The handle is twisted or damaged.
  7. The green inspection sticker is missing or lacking service information.
  8. The fire extinguisher is not in its assigned area or hanger.
  9. The shell is dented or shows signs of heavy damage.
  10. Improper stickers have been placed on the fire extinguisher or the appropriate stickers or user information has been removed

If an extinguisher fails an inspection for any reason, it must be replaced with a new extinguisher. Call UC Davis Fire Prevention at (530) 752-4268 on Campus or (916) 734-3036 at the UC Davis Medical Center for a replacement.

Please note: During your monthly inspections, it is your department’s responsibility to make sure the fire extinguishers are placed in their non-locking cabinets or placed on sturdy hangers. The area surrounding the fire extinguisher, 3 sides totaling 3 feet, must be kept clear at all times, providing an accessible area by which an individual can obtain the fire extinguisher quickly in an actual emergency.  The fire extinguisher must not be moved to another location at any time without prior permission from the UC Davis Fire Department.

If you have any questions, please contact the UC Davis Fire Department at (530) 752-4268 on Campus or (916) 734-3036 at the UC Davis Medical Center.

August 2000
Revised March 2008