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Chemical and Laboratory Safety Manual

The information provided in this UC Davis Chemical and Laboratory Safety Manual has been compiled from a variety of sources. These include people and organizations within UC Davis, as well as external sources. The publications on which this manual was based, along with other references, are found in the bibliography. This manual should be read in conjunction with these references, which provide expanded coverage and more specific applications of health and safety concepts that are treated generally here.

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Chapter I - Emergency Procedures

Chapter II - Chemical Hygiene Plan

Chapter III - General Safety Rules

Chapter IV - Personal Protection

Chapter V - Laboratory Safety Equipment

Chapter VI - Handling Chemicals

Chapter VII - Chemical Carcinogens

Chapter VIII - Chemical Waste Disposal

Chapter IX - Biological Safety, Medical Waste, & Bloodborne Pathogens

Chapter X - Respiratory Protection

Chapter XI - Reproductive Hazards

Chapter XII - Radiation Safety, Laser and X-Ray Machine Safety

Appendices - A. Standard Operating Procedures

B. Laboratory-Specific Chemical Hygiene Plan