Revised on
12/14/15 02:57pm

Our Values

Safety Services Values


  • We recognize and support all endeavors to improve our skills and knowledge for the benefit of campus safety programs.
  • We believe in empowering our customers by providing tools, expertise, outreach, training, and support.
  • We believe in not only providing excellent service, but also in transferring knowledge and awareness to our customers to enhance their capacity for excellence.


  • We value collaborative efforts in the support of a safe, healthy work environment.
  • We believe in partnering across levels, functional areas, and departments to optimize our effectiveness.
  • We use systemic thinking, creativity, and leading edge innovation to create partnerships with our colleagues, our collaborators, and other stakeholders.


  • We value our resources and use them collectively to support Safety Services programs.
  • We strive to minimize bureaucracy and maximize results.
  • We believe in accomplishing goals as efficiently as possible, using necessary but sufficient resources to their full potential.
  • We continuously examine and improve our processes and practices.


  • We hold ourselves accountable for our performance and our progress in developing innovative safety, health, and risk management programs.
  • We practice what we preach as stewards of the health, safety, and welfare of people, animals, resources, and our environment.
  • Our customers and colleagues can count on us to follow through and keep our commitments.


  • Our leadership focuses on developing a true community effort for managing our safety, health, and risk management programs.
  • We hold ourselves and our institution to the highest levels of achievement, innovation, and advancement.
  • We believe in ‘make it better/safer/stronger’; we do not believe in just getting by.
  • Meeting a standard is just the start; we believe in rising to a higher level of excellence and safety.


  • We commit our resources so that we may efficiently facilitate regulatory compliance and demonstrate leadership in protecting our community as a whole.
  • To us, it is a life or death matter; we take our own learning and competency very seriously.
  • We not only earn the trust of our customers, we take actions every day to deserve it.