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Safety Star Program

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The Safety Star Program was implemented to recognize campus employees who are making contributions to improve the safety culture at UC Davis.

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Fourth Quarter 2016 Safety Star: Laura Torchin

Department: California Animal Health & Food Safety Laboratory

Supervisor: Pam Hullinger

Laura Torchin has been California Animal Health & Food Safety’ (CAHFS) American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians (AAVLD) Quality Manager for many years, and has always encouraged the incorporation and practice of safety in all CAHFS' SOPs and procedures. As an AAVLD Quality Auditor, she not only is highly skilled at determining whether laboratory practices are complying with written procedures, but has an acute eye for observing and correcting safety issues in any lab section she evaluates.  Laura performs numerous Quality Audits in CAHFS laboratory and administrative sections at all branch labs, and lets both the laboratory personnel and supervisors know of any issues she sees during these inspections. She reliably helps by reporting safety concerns and assists with resolutions to safety issues. Laura is an invaluable support for CAHFS Safety Program, and CAHFS employees are safer because of her leadership.




Third Quarter 2016 Safety Star: Adrian Galindo

Department: Mondavi Center

Supervisor: Donna Flor

Adrian develops and manages safety training for the Mondavi Center technical staff including an intensive three-day program at the beginning of each season for all new and returning technical personnel on basic safety, equipment use and safety procedures for the technical production Department.  Adrian is starting a program to work with each department within the Mondavi Center to create a custom safety program for their department. Adrian also manages all PPE inventory and distribution, monitors AEDs and even gives short safety quizzes during production meetings throughout the year to keep safety at the forefront of the staff's mind.  This past spring Adrian attended the week-long, Academy for Venue Security and Safety hosted by the International Association of Venue Managers.  From this program, Adrian brought back many ideas of which he is in development including the expansion of our business contingency plan and the development of an incident command plan.