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08/03/17 01:33pm

Safety Star Program

The Safety Star Program was implemented to recognize campus employees who are making contributions to improve the safety culture at UC Davis.

Safety Star Nomination Form


Second Quarter 2017 Safety Star: Krisztina Forward

K.ForwardDepartment: Public Health Sciences

Supervisor: Dr. Hertz-Picciotto

Krisztina is the biorepository manager for Dr. Hertz-Picciotto’s research studies in the Department of Public Health Sciences. This position was newly created when she started, and had been created in order to manage the collection, processing, and storage of all bio-specimens across all research studies in order to maintain continuity and safety protocols. Since her arrival she has created SOPs for all processes and documented them using lab safety binders and posters around the lab space. She also provides training to all staff, students, and interns that handle bio-specimens. She worked with EH&S to make sure the lab is following all the correct protocols and was ready for its annual inspection, including adding new and clear labels to many items/spaces in the lab, creating a designated clean space in the lab, and creating a spill kit. She oversees the evaluation and distribution of PPE for all lab staff, as well as maintaining basic supplies in order to make sure staff have the needed supplies to properly and safely do their job. She continually goes above and beyond to make sure all employees have the proper equipment and training to safely do their job.



First Quarter 2017 Safety Star: Brant Allen

B. AllenDepartment: Tahoe Environmental Research Center

Supervisor: Geoffrey Schladow

Brant Allen has been conducting and supervising boat and scuba operations at Lake Tahoe as part of TERC for the last 28 years. He spends over 100 days on the water and transports 300 passengers annually. During that time there has not been a boating or diving injury under his watch. While he maintains the final say as the boat captain, he believes safety is a group effort where everyone has a part to play. Brant's vast experience reading the subtleties of Tahoe's weather and his focus on changing conditions while carrying out his work has allowed him to avoid conditions that could rapidly become hazardous. Brant manages to keep track of pending hazardous situations while multiple staff and visiting researchers move about the vessel. Brant's safety record speaks clearly to his awareness of the risks involved working in and on the water and his dedication to on the job safety. His communication with staff, visiting researchers, and UCD safety personnel welcomes discussion about safety-related issues, making the work environment a safer place for all.