Chemical Safety

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EH&S provides resources, training, and consultation to departments using chemicals. Regular chemical and laboratory safety training is offered, and chemical safety information (including SDSs) can be accessed.

Each laboratory must implement the Campus Chemical Hygiene Plan, which describes the hazards in the laboratory and how workers should protect themselves from the hazards. The Campus Chemical Hygiene Plan is contained within the Laboratory Safety Manual. The manual describes what supporting information each lab must prepare to augment the campus chemical hygiene plan for their workspace.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), specific to research operations also need to be developed. A generic SOP template is available and additional control-banded and process-specific templates are also provided.

EH&S subject matter experts are available for consultation on matters of chemical and laboratory safety. Please contact Research Safety with any questions you may have.

Wearing the proper PPE is essential to laboratory safety. Watch this quick video to be sure you are taking all proper precautions.
(Video: 1:05 minutes long)