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Youth Protection

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UC Davis is dedicated to providing and cultivating a safe environment for everyone on its campuses, including visiting youth who participate in programs and activities offered on campus. Members of the UC Davis community are expected to preserve the safety culture on campus to the best of their ability so that youth may enjoy and thrive in their programs.

Risk Management envisions, and is working on implementing, a communications network campuswide that will better serve youth on campus. To continue to provide a safe environment and quality experiences to youth, Risk Management has compiled available resources and information about youth protection:

  • Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act (CANRA): The UC Office of Ethics, Compliance & Audit Services facilitates compliance with CANRA. CANRA requires employers to identify “Mandated Reporters”, or those who are in constant contact with vulnerable youth, and acknowledges reporting obligations.
  • Best Practices for Minors on Campus: UC Davis Student Affairs outlines best practices for all youth activities sponsored by individual departments.
  • Minors in Laboratories and Shops: This policy is for all staff, faculty, and volunteers who work with minors in laboratories and shops, and who handle hazardous materials, chemicals, and equipment. Further guidelines are outlined in PPM 290-32.
  • Praesidium: In order to create and promote a safe environment, Risk Management partners with Praesidium to offer online and in-person trainings, policies, and a multitude of other resources to enhance youth protection awareness. Praesidium is committed to preventing youth abuse, and seeks to reinforce the youth protection efforts at UC Davis by minimizing risks and ensuring compliance with state regulations. Please contact Risk Management to set up services with Praesidium.
  • National Sex Offender Public Registry (NSOPR): The U.S. government provides a national search site that links sex offender registries in one tool to identify sex offenders that reside near youth.
  • Background Check Program: UC Davis’ Human Resources oversees the background program, which applies to all represented and non-represented staff in positions that are classified as critical, which includes volunteers.