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Wellness Ambassador Program

Wellness Ambassadors serve as representatives of the UC Davis Staff and Faculty Health and Well-being program while supporting and engaging their colleagues in wellness messaging, programs, activities, and resources.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Market, publicize and recruit staff and faculty to participate in health and well-being activities and programming on campus
  • Identify potential ideas, strategies & programs for enhancing well-being and a healthy culture/work environment
  • Develop health and well-being initiatives in your unit (e.g., use bulletin boards, develop a healthy potluck day, schedule a guest speaker or activity, walking group, etc.)
  • Share your success stories and metrics with us
  • Provide the Activity Release Waiver for participants in your group and keep a file of completed forms (required by Risk Management for physical activities)

Interested in becoming a Wellness Ambassador for your depatment? Fill out this application!

Not sure if your department has a Wellness Ambassador? Find out here! If you have any questions, please email:

This is a voluntary role to help drive employee participation and engagement in health and wellness related activities. The average time commitment is 40 minutes per month. Ambassadors are encouraged to discuss their role with their supervisor.  

Learn more about the UC Davis Workplace Flexibility policy

Wellness Ambassador of the Month
Meet Gina Flaharty from the Heart and Vascular Center at UC Davis Health. Gina has incorporated wellness into staff meetings by inviting speakers to talk about aspects like mindfulness and financial wellness. She is also in the midst of organizing a Silent Disco for her and her colleagues! Read more about Gina here
Wellness Ambassador Mini Grant Program

The Wellness Ambassador Mini Grant Program helps Wellness Ambassadors realize their visions for the health and well-being of individuals in their departments. Wellness Ambassadors can apply for up to $500 in funds to help create and implement health and well-being initiatives for their departments. Applications for the Fall 2017 grant cycle will be accepted between October 2 and October 27. All applications are due by 5pm on Friday, October 27, 2017. More information on the grant as well as the application can be found here. You may also find a list of Frequently Asked Questions here.

Wellness Ambassador Mini Grant Feature
Michele Burns is the CalFresh Nutrition Education Program Wellness Ambassador. Michele used her mini grant funds to start a Bike Share Program. Read more about Michele's program and outcomes here!


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