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UC Davis Amateur Radio Communcations (UCDARC)

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What Is Amateur Radio?

Amateur Radio, also called ham radio, is a method of communication used to pass information between amateur radio operators. The communications take place between licensed individuals using a variety of radio communication equipment. Because amateur radio is both a hobby and a service, communications heard on amateur radio airwaves will vary in nature.

How is UC Davis getting involved in Amateur Radio?

The UC Davis Emergency Operation Center (EOC) has recently invested in installing an amateur radio antenna, a base station, scanner, and a repeater. This equipment, along with the recruitment of licensed and trained campus individuals, will allow for the EOC team to communicate with parts of campus and partnering agencies during a declared emergency (as declared by the Governor). UC Davis is committed to building a robust amateur radio communications team. The radio station at the EOC is supported by the UC Davis Amateur Radio Communication Team, known on campus as UCDARC

How can you get involved?

The Department of Emergency and Business Continuity Planning is currently recruiting for the UCDARC team. If you are a licensed Amateur Radio Operator and want to lend your skills during a declared emergency, you may be the perfect candidate for the team.

Learn how to get your license.

UCDARC Weekly Net

The UC Davis Amateur Radio Communication (UCDARC) Net was established as a public service by amateur radio operators. The University of California, Davis Amateur Radio Communications Net is conducted every Monday at 12:30PM on the UCDARC repeater, 145.450 MHz, minus offset, 203.5 Hertz tone. The purpose of the net is to coordinate information of interest to amateur radio operators who provide communications in declared emergencies for the Emergency Operations Center at the Davis Campus. The UC Davis Net offers these stations a weekly opportunity to pass along news and information of interest to emergency-oriented amateurs. The University of California, Davis Amateur Radio Communications Net is a directed net for amateur radio units in and around the Davis Campus area. Visitors are invited to check in.