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01/24/18 08:14pm

Travel Insurance

Contact information

Trip Registration 
“Travelers must register all out-of-state and foreign country business trips to ensure coverage.” BFB-G-28: Travel Regulations     

How to Register? 
All travel booked through AggieTravel will automatically be registered, except for Southwest Air; for Southwest or reservations made outside of AggieTravel, you must register your trip prior to departure here: UC Away - TRIP REGISTRATION 

Why Register?
Accurate information on your travel plans is needed to deliver the services and protections the travel insurance policy offers. Your registration information serves to verify eligibility to the insurance company if you submit a claim, use any benefit, or request travel assistance services. Registering travel will also help direct aid to travelers in the event of natural disaster or major political event in their travel destination.

How to update your emergency contact information?
Once you register your trip, within the email you receive there is a link to activate your Worldcue® TRAVELER account. Please login to your personal TRAVELER web site and go to “My Profile” to update your current emergency contact information. 

UC Travel Insurance 
The University of California traveler insurance coverage provides protection at no cost while traveling worldwide, 24/7, on official university business. 

Who is covered?

  • UC Employees (Faculty, Staff) and Students 
    • Coverage can also be provided to a spouse/domestic partner, dependent(s), and traveling companions when traveling with them
  • Individuals designated by UC for travel on UC business
    • Independent contractors hired and controlled by the University qualify for coverage

What is covered? 
Coverage is broad and includes medical care and evacuation, loss of personal property, extraction for political and weather related reasons, travel assistance services and more. See the Business Travel Benefits Summary for more details. For Students, see the Student Off-Campus Travel Benefits Summary for more details. 

How do you get your insurance card?
Upon registering your travel you will receive an email containing an insurance card and the toll-free number to call in an emergency.