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New Research Faculty Resources

Contact information

Schedule an appointment with a Lab Safety Professional

Select the name of the Lab Safety Professional that corresponds with the appropriate school or college to schedule an appointment.

Becky Grunewald

Laboratory Safety Review
Program Supervisor

Crystyn Chase

Lab Safety Professional
College of Biological Science

John Lomas

Lab Safety Professional 
School of Medicine

Karen Gagnon

Lab Safety Professional
College of Letters and Science

Tarran Richardson

Lab Safety Professional 
School of Veterinary Medicine

Tony Schrick

Lab Safety Professional 
College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences

Veronica Thron

Lab Safety Professional 
College of Engineering


For questions about any of the resources below, please contact the research team.

Set up UC Safety Online Tools

Set up UC Safety tools, including the Safety Inspection Tool and Lab Hazard Assessment Tool.

Research Animal Care and Use

In order to work with research animals, the principal investigator (PI) must complete the following:

  1. All staff, including the PI, must complete the Animal Care and Use 101 course and enroll in the Occupational Health Program prior to the approval of the Animal Care and Use Protocol.
  2. The PI must submit an animal care and use protocol through the Online Protocol System.
  3. Additional information including Animal Care and Use policies, training courses and contact information can be found on the IACUC webpage.
  4. Once the protocol is approved an animal order may be placed.

Controlled Substances

Order, store, and dispose of controlled substances.

Laser Use Authorization

Laser safety and authorization for laser use.

Biological Use Authorization

Biological safety and authorization for use of biological materials.

Human Subjects

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Radiation Use Authorization

Follow the steps below when requesting to use radioactive materials:

  1. Fill out the Radiation Use Authorization (RUA) Application. Note: Leave the Proposed RUA# field blank.
  2. Fill out a Statement of Experience form.
  3. Fill out a Safety Protocol form.
  4. Email the completed three forms to

Field Safety

Field Safety Plan template.

Binder Index Labels

Binder Index Labels are a good option to organize printed information. If you are interested in binder labels, labels can be purchased from Avery.

Trip Planning Resources

New Lab Checklist