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Hearing Conservation

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Noise survey and evaluation is mandated under Cal-OSHA regulations (8 CCR 5095-5100). These regulations require employers to monitor noise exposure levels in a manner that will accurately identify employees who are exposed to noise at or above an 8-hour time-weighted average of 85 decibels (dBA). In order to comply with Cal-OSHA regulations, UC Davis requires employees exposed at or above a time-weighted average of 85 dBA to participate in the Hearing Conservation Program (HCP).

The HCP requires:

  • Annual audiogram examination and evaluation (provided by Occupational Health)
  • Annual hearing protection training (Provided by each department or available at
  • Hearing protection to be used by employees participating in the HCP

Additionally, Cal-OSHA regulates the exposure time of employees for acute noise levels between 90-115 dBA.

EH&S recommends hearing protection (earplugs, muffs, etc.) be made available to employees for use at their discretion for areas above 80 dBA, and strongly recommends hearing protection be used in all areas above 85 dBA. At levels exceeding 90 dBA, steps must be taken to reduce the level of noise exposure to employees.

Policy and Procedure Manual Section Relating to Hearing Conservation

Please contact EH&S to request a noise survey of your workplace, facility, or equipment.