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11/08/17 03:55pm

Healthy Meeting and Event Guide


Guides and Resources for Meetings

This list of resources was designed to help event planners create a meeting environment that makes the healthy (and sustainable) choice the easy choice for their guests.

Contact Us

Contact any of the following departments on campus with questions about how to make your next event more healthy, sustainable and mindful.

Staff and Faculty Health and Well-Being Program

Nutrition, Food Safety, Physical Activity, Mindfulness, Health and Well-Being


Stacey Brezing, Director of Staff and Faculty Well-being, (530) 752-6094


Neesha Patel, PhD, Behavioral Health Consultant, (530) 752-6073


Linda Adams, RD, Registered Dietitian, (530) 752-6800


Keavagh Clift, Special Services Program Manager, (530) 752-4561



Waste Management, Environmental Stewardship, Carbon Neutral, Zero Waste
Sue Vang, Waste Reduction and Recycling Manager, (530) 752-6970


Worklife and Wellness

Worklife and Wellness, Lactation Support
Sandy Batchelor, Worklife Coordinator, (530) 754-8791