Healthy Meetings - Snacks

Healthy Meeting Checklist - Snacks for Meetings


☐ Serve water/unsweetened teas as the only beverage.  Use pitchers and encourage reusable water bottles.

☐ Choose reusables for the catering order.  If disposable is the only option, make sure you have collection bins and signage.

☐ Place vegetables and fruits in the front on the snack table.

☐ Foods to choose include:

  • Cut veggies with dip on the side
  • Whole fruit or fruit platter
  • Nuts (any variety)
  • Trail Mix
  • Individual yogurt cups

☐ Avoid food waste and help with portion control by asking for 6 inch plates or just cocktail napkins.

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☐ Schedule move and stretch for 1-2 minutes, for every hour of seat time. 

☐ Select a couple of different stretches to do during the move break. Insert a slide into Powerpoint deck for a reminder. 

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☐ During the first couple of minutes of the meeting invite participants to take a deep breath, lower their gaze and be silent.  Simply inhale for four seconds, hold for seven seconds, exhale for eight seconds; repeat for several minutes.

☐ Schedule in moments of reflection, perhaps between speakers/topics - one minute of silent reflection.

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☐ Distribute all meeting materials electronically instead of printed copy.

☐ If you must use handouts, use double-sided printing on 100% post-consumer, chlorine-free or tree-free paper.

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After the Event

☐ ​​​​​​​Survey for feedback on your healthy meeting – stretches, food, mindfulness – how did you do??