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03/25/19 10:39am

Radiation Safety For Users of Radioactive Materials and Radiation Producing Machines (Analytical X-ray Only)

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This 1 hour course provides general awareness of policies and procedures associated with the use of radioactive materials and radiation producing machines (RPM). A test must be successfully completed at the end of each module. Course objectives include:

  • Understanding radiological fundamentals and regulations.
  • Understanding biological effects and radiation limits.
  • Understanding radiation protection and detection.
  • Identifying contamination waste.
  • Understanding proper shipping and receiving methods.
  • Understanding RPMs.


Note: If you will be working with radioactive material, this course is Part I of a two-part course.  After completing this class, you will need to attend the in-person training class

Course duration estimate:

1 hour

Required to be taken once before using radioactive material.