person with hand placed under sanitizer dispenser.

Prevent Hand Sanitizer Burns

You can prevent burns by allowing alcohol-based sanitizers to dry/evaporate before resuming work activity.

Hand sanitizers contain high concentrations of alcohol and alcohol vapors can flame or flash if exposed to an ignition source, switches, or any surface containing static electricity.

When a disinfectant or hand sanitizer ignites it produces an almost invisible, blue flame that can quickly produce harmful burns.

Take Action

  • Avoid touching any surface until the hand-sanitizer has completely dried.
  • Stay away from any potential ignition source while sanitizer is still wet and follow the directions and warning labels on the sanitizer container or review the SDS.
  • Consider using warm water and soap to wash your hands, rather than using alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

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This Lesson Learned from a Hand Sanitizer Gel Thermal Burn was provided by UCOP.