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Cal/OSHA Proposes Regulation on Heat Stress in Indoor Workplaces

According to Cal/OSHA's proposal, indoor workspaces with temperatures equal to or exceeding 82°F will require employers to implement additional health and safety measures, except for a few specific cases.

The measures in the proposal include providing access to drinking water and cool-down areas, conducting assessments and implementing control measures, establishing emergency response procedures, closely monitoring acclimatization, delivering effective training, and creating a Heat Illness Prevention Plan (HIPP).

Some examples of areas likely to be impacted include:

  • Kitchens
  • Stables and barns
  • Greenhouses
  • Server rooms
  • Cage wash facilities
  • Mechanical rooms

Survey Coming Soon
To assess the impact of this proposed regulation on UC Davis workers, EH&S will soon be sending out a questionnaire to Departmental Safety Coordinators and employees who work in areas that reach or exceed 82°F. The information you provide will help EH&S and campus partners identify areas that require special attention and developing plans to achieve compliance.

Important Notes:

  • Indoor refers to a space under ceiling or overhead covering, is enclosed along its entire perimeter, and restricts airflow.
  • This regulation does not specify a time duration for indoor workers. Without a specific time limit, any employee walking into a workspace that is 82 degF or above for any amount of time would ostensibly have to be in compliance with this regulation.
  • Does not apply to teleworking locations not owned/controlled by employer.