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Fire Prevention Staff Listing

Who We Are:

Jim PattersonJames Patterson

Lead Designated Fire Marshal
Tim Annis
Deputy Fire Marshal (View Contact Information)
Annual inspections of existing buildings
Oversight maintenance of all campus fire protection systems
Special Events
Public Education


Paige McKibbinPaige McKibbin, PhD

Hazardous Materials Specialist (View Contact Information)
Annual inspections of existing buildings, with special emphasis on laboratories
Special Events
Public Education

Rocci TwitchellRocci Twitchell

Fire Technician & Extinguisher Training Instructor (View Contact Information)
Annual inspections of campus fire extinguishers to ensure compliance with State of California Building and Life Safety Codes
Fire Extinguisher training
Greg Van AkenGreg Van Aken, FPE
Plans Examiner/Construction Inspector (View Contact Information)
Reviews plans for new construction and remodel/improvement projects for compliance with all applicable State of California requirements
On-site inspection of construction projects at all UC Davis facilities, on and off campus