COVID Assessment Pilot Program

This pilot effort was completed
Please see the Daily Symptom Survey pages on the Campus Ready website

We are exploring options and tools for implementing symptom surveys, temperature checks and contact tracing at UC Davis.

In anticipation of campus operations ramping up, we have established pilot COVID assessment locations across the Davis Campus representing administrative, research, patient care and academic spaces. Each of the pilot locations is at a different point in implementing tools that can prevent COVID outbreaks. As such, if you’re traveling between pilot locations, you may experience different assessment methods. At non-pilot locations there may be no assessment procedure at all.

Pilot Assessment Locations (click to view screening process)

  • Center for Mind and Brain (Cousteau Place)
  • 1.   Complete symptom survey before entering facility (online or paper)
    2.  Enter name and date in Center for Mind and Brain online log
    3.  Wear face covering and hand sanitize at entry

  • Fire and Police Departments
  • Coming shortly
  • Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts
  • Coming shortly
  • Occupational Health Medical Clinic
  • 1.  Complete symptom survey and in-person interview at entrance of clinic (check-in desk)
    2.  Have temperature checked
    3.  Face covering is required
  • Student Health and Wellness Center
  • 1.   Complete symptom survey before entering facility (online or paper)
    2.  Have temperature checked
    3.  Face covering is required
  • Student Housing and Dining Services
  • 1. A-frame signage at rear (employee) entrance to Segundo Services Center.
    2. Pilot program signage in break room/shop area.
    3. Email to staff with link to Symptom Survey, asking that it be completed daily, before leaving home for work each day.
    4. Face covering is required

    Effective Friday, June 12, the facility is locked for summer
    Card access swipe data will be used as a "sign-in" sheet.

    Phase II - Week of June 22
    1. Continue steps above
    2. Conduct random temperature checks
          > Starting w/ small group of facilities staff, and expanding after 1-2 weeks of successful integration
          > All participating staff will be checked at least once per week

What should I expect at the Pilot Assessment Locations?

  • Exterior signage will identify the building as a Pilot Assessment Location
  • Protective assessment measures will be in place depending on the location’s implementation schedule and may include:
    • Employee assessing people entering facility.
    • Badging system to identify people as having already been assessed.
    • Online self-assessment form with phone-based clearance information.
    • Use of passive temperature reading cameras.
    • Use of no-touch thermometers
    • Web-based contact-tracing application (e.g., We-Care app developed at UC Davis, Apple/Google tools)

What Should I Do?

  • Familiarize yourself with the each location’s assessment protocol, which may require you to take action BEFORE entering the building/facility.
  • Always:
    • Stay home when sick
    • Wear a face covering
    • Practice hand hygiene throughout the day, especially after removing a face mask/covering
    • Maintain physical distancing
    • Avoid touching your face
    • Avoid sharing personal items (e.g., cell phones, pens)
  • Provide feedback to Risk Management Services at 

Our Objective is Health and Well-being

This is a pilot program aimed at collecting feedback, ideas and a shared understanding of the best way to move forward with consistent campus-wide COVID assessment protocols. We are applying processes to individuals (employees, students, community members) entering facilities, with the goal of developing consistency across the Davis Campus. This pilot project will help us find out what works and what doesn’t, what processes should be scaled or modified, and what processes should be abandoned.

What Do Pilot Locations Do With Temperature Data?

Any temperature data you are asked to provide will be treated as confidential and will be destroyed within 7 days. 


Please email