Revised on
08/13/18 11:39am

PPE Challenge

Win $10 and a chance for a pizza party for your entire lab, just for wearing:

  • Long pants
  • Closed-toe and closed-heel shoes

PPE Campaign POster

How it Works

Crystyn Chase, EH&S Lab Safety Professional for the College of Biological Sciences, is handing out gift cards to people wearing minimum lab attire. Look for Crystyn in:

  • Briggs Hall
  • Life Sciences Building
  • Center for Neuroscience Building
  • Neurosciences Building
  • Storer Hall
  • Hutchison Hall
  • Genome and Biomedical Facility


You’re eligible just for being in your lab, in proper minimum attire. We know it’s summer and blazing hot, but shorts and sandals are never acceptable attire in a lab — the same hazards exist regardless of the season.

What about the pizza?

Everyone who gets a gift card is entered to win a pizza party for their entire lab. You could feed all your lab mates, just by wearing attire that keeps you safer in the lab.

The fine print...

  • Gift cards won’t be awarded during scheduled lab reviews. That’s when everyone is typically on their best behavior.
  • We plan to visit labs unannounced. We’ll knock politely and ask permission before stepping into your lab, and you can opt out by emailing
  • If you see Crystyn in a hallway and you’ve got your minimum lab attire on, feel free to yell, “Look at me in my PPE.” She’ll appreciate not seeing you in shorts and sandals.