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Analytical X-Ray

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Note: This course is intended for initial training. This course is listed in the LMS as Radiation Safety for Users of Radiation Producing Machines.  The Analytical X-ray Refresher Safety Exam can be completed once this course has been completed.    

Goal: To provide a general awareness of radiation safety fundamentals and policies and procedures associated with the use of analytical x-ray equipment. Objectives: - Become re-acquainted with the area of radiation physics. - Discuss the fundamentals of radiation safety and universal safe work practices. - Review the use and general safety procedures associated with analytical x-ray equipment. Refresher course required every three years. Instructor Led Training is available upon request-contact:

Course duration estimate:

45 minutes

Course required to be taken once before using any X-ray Producing Machine. Refresher course Analytical X-ray Refresher Safety Exam is required every three years.